When you "join," you're not committing to anything.

What you do is give us the little bit of information we need to selectively reach out to you for help. For example, if you're good at baking and only have an hour a week to help us, we can work with you at your convenience. If you have access to a pickup truck and can only help on weekends, you can tell us that so that we can reach out to you on your schedule.

If you can't help when we reach out to you, no problem - just say so.

Go ahead and create your login on the next page, then verify your email address. After you do, please complete the About Me and Attributes sections of your profile.

Thank you for keeping Texas independent and free!

I'd like to have the campaign reach out to me to enlist my talents and resources. I understand that I will have the opportunity to decline, if I choose.

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